Effective fight against the terrorist threat is impossible without international preventive actions to suppress acts of terrorism prior to their implementation, moreover in the territory of states that cannot or do not want to destroy terrorist bases. In certain cases, such actions may be taken against the will of the governments of such states. The aggression rather than on the coercive measures to prevent it.


In this situation there is a danger of using the right of preventive anti-terrorist activities without sufficient grounds for that or for achieving mercenary goals of the leading world powers and particularly of the United States. Counterterrorism operations should not be used as a means of geopolitical division of the world, “forced reformation” of sovereign states. Military actions against terrorist organizations can be effective only if extremely clear tasks are set for each certain case and if the international law is strictly adhered.


Intervention in the infrastructure of political power, massive attacks using advanced types of weapons can humiliate the national dignity of peoples and advance terroristic activities. In addition, the use of force against terrorists is a means to respond to the already accomplished attacks rather than to prevent them. The emergence and escalation of a new threat determines the need to closely monitor the doctrinal and ideological backgrounds of terrorism.