There is a need to better understand how society as a whole might be affected by risks of accidents, natural disaster or terrorist attack on sensitive sites/areas (involving potentially hazardous substances), in order to enable effective protection measures to be developed. Requirements for this equipment are very different from those offered by available commercial devices.


Depending on the operation, the periods of time that these electronic devices have to work can range from days to months or in real time. Requirement to These devices and their networks may apply like small size for easy concealment, low power consumption for extended time life, robustness and self- protection in addition to strong authentication mechanisms for operators and protection of the communication channels. The task is to develop a new type of sensors and equipment, monitoring station and their associated communication channel for operation on the field according to their specification and subject to their validation.


Sustainability of development is intimately related to environmental consequences, social and cultural changes and financial sustainability of policies implemented for promoting growth. Today’s understanding of Sustainable Development (SD) recognizes it’s environmental (ecological), economic and social underpinning (the so called “triangle” of SD), although previously the economic and social origins were thought to be dominant.